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Calne Area Board Localism Seminar

Calne Area Board organised a Seminar on Localism, 5th April 2011, entitled ‘Localism & What It Means For The Calne Community Area’.   An evening seminar from 6.30pm, which was attended by a CCV member.

The Agenda for the Seminar was divided into two parts, with plenty of time for Questions built in, and can be downloaded HERE (opens in a new window).

The first section of the evening was a presentation on The Localism Bill, by Steve Milton, Head of Community Governance, Libraries, Heritage & Arts, Wiltshire Council.

The second section was a presentation on Neighbourhood Planning & Update on the Wiltshire Core Strategy, by Alistair Cunningham, Service Director Economy and Enterprise, Wiltshire Council.   Apparently this presentation had to be re-written several times since the Budget announcements on the default ‘yes’ to developers.   It appears ‘localism’ is seriously diminished by this.

Handouts of the powerpoint slides on the first presentation (The Localism Bill) were distributed, and can be downloaded HERE (opens in a new window).

A request was made for a similar handout from the second presentation (Neighbourhood Planning & Core Strategy update), but has not been forthcoming.   Further attempts have been made to obtain copies of this but again have met with no success and it is understood these documents are being withheld without explanation.  

It was an excellent event, very well planned and respectful to localism, giving plenty of time for questions from local residents.  Very interesting to learn that Councils will now list their ‘assets’ and there is provision for local residents to take management and use of some of these, ensuring no profit is made from them, by returning them for £1 if no longer used.

We expect the Chippenham Area Board to make a similar effort to inform people.