Chippenham Community Voice

A positive future for our town and villages

What is CCV?

Chippenham Community Voice (CCV) is a coalition of residents' and community groups from across the Chippenham area.

All share the same positive vision of Chippenham’s future in which the town and surrounding villages are attractive, safe and pleasant places to live and work.

We are opposed to an ever expanding suberbia, sprawling out into the countryside and destroying the very essence of what makes our local area great!

Wiltshire Council is currently in the final stages of developing a ‘Core Strategy’ for development over the next 15 years. One option being considered is the massive expansion of Chippenham with a huge influx of people from other areas. CCV believes that Chippenham does not need (and neither do its residents want) any further large scale expansion.

We want to see clear, robust and well documented evidence for any policy or framework which supports or allows for expansion – so far this has not been forthcoming.

We believe it is unacceptable to build on pristine Wiltshire countryside, alongside or close by the River Avon (one of our most valuable assets), or on its floodplain, or adjacent to ancient woodlands such as Birds Marsh Wood.

We think that Wiltshire Council needs to radically rethink its approach to Chippenham’s future, genuinely consult its stakeholders (including those who actually live near areas designated for development), and completely revise its Core Strategy.  We believe there are more than enough brown field sites to meet current and foreseeable future development needs.

CCV has strong evidence that the majority Chippenham’s residents want to see Chippenham develop in terms of its quality, not its quantity, in keeping with its rural Wiltshire market town heritage.  We have published our Manifesto HERE.