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How To Respond To The Consultation

URGENT! Two development applications have been made by developers to Wiltshire Council, for the areas that the developers call Rawlings Green and Chippenham Riverside.  The public consultation period on the applications is currently open; the consultation closes formally on Friday March 4th 2016  BUT we understand that any submissions made in the week after that will be accepted.

To respond, click on each of the links below and then click on the "Comment on this application" link in the top right-hand area of the planning webpage.

Rawlings Green planning application (No: 15/12351/OUT) can be read and responded to HERE on the Wiltshire Council Planning web portal.

Chippenham Riverside planning application (No: 15/12363/OUT) can be read and responded to HERE on the Wiltshire Council Planning web portal.

Potential alternative sites.

  1. Barrow Farm  (in Area A) for up to 450 houses.
  2. Area D (SW of Pewsham) which could be linked to the A350 with a Southern Link Road.
  3. Increasing the number of houses in Area E by bringing forward the 150 which were to be built immediately after 2026; and further homes down to a Southern Link Road.
  4. Use  of brownfield sites; for example Langley Park could take extra houses.

If a combination of these sites were chosen by the council there would be no need to build houses on Areas  B and C.

Please make sure that as many people in your house as possible each respond to Wiltshire Council.
The more responses that can be sent the better!

We accept the need for more house (and always have done), but do not think that the Avon and Marden valleys are the logical or desired place for them.

If you would like further information please look frequently at this website.  You might also check the Cause2015 website HERE.

Thank you for your support. Please stop this devastation of the Avon and Marden river valleys.