Chippenham Community Voice

A positive future for our town and villages

The community's vision for Chippenham?


A high quality of life in an economically viable, market town of about the same scale as it is today, with a thriving community and high quality shops and services.

  People will spend more time and money in the town centre and the town centre will become a more attractive place to shop, eat, drink and spend time.

Current eyesores will be replaced with buildings and refurbs that are in keeping with the town’s market town heritage and tradition stone buildings.

  High quality jobs will be created in professional services and the green economy (e.g. more companies like Good Energy and Free Source and organisations like the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, (who each have their HQs in Chippenham), would see Chippenham as a Green hub and would choose to locate their HQs in a town with a highly skilled workforce).
  The town would reinvent itself as a cultural centre – attracting festivals and activities that would boost tourism and the local economy.


It would be recognised as a hub for ethical, green business with a Town Council that supports and promotes sustainability in the face of changing climate and resource constrained World – with renewable energy, recycling, wildlife, clean air, clean water, sustainable transport, climate resilient buildings and a forward thinking spatial planning department.


There would be sufficient wealth generated - and more importantly (since the wealth already exists) it would be targeted effectively, into improving the town’s quality – retail, leisure, public spaces, health etc.

  The centre and periphery would be regenerated, making the most of the central river corridor (but not extending beyond the Council offices into Monkton Park parkland to the East).
  The countryside – surrounding woods and green spaces – and the River Avon corridor would be protected and enjoyed for generations to come.

That’s our vision obtained from consulting hundreds of residents - a process which is still ongoing  (It isn’t ‘grow or die’ or any such scaremongery).  We’d like to hear yours. Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please note that we may use your email in full or in part on the website, but your email address and full name will not be disclosed. We will use your first name and area of Chippenham as identification only.