Chippenham Community Voice

A positive future for our town and villages


Chippenham, and its surrounding area, is under threat

Wiltshire Council is proposing to allow development of up to 84 acres (34 hectares) of business parks/ industrial zones and nearly 3,000 additional dwellings over the next 15 years (on top of the 269 already permitted and 784 already built since 2006).

The vast majority of this development will be on green field sites, in the countryside surrounding the town; to the North (close to Birds Marsh Wood), to the South West (around Showell Farm, into the Parish of Lacock) and to the East (along the River Avon, next to Monkton Park).

The proposals, if realised, will be disastrous, not least because:

They will damage Chippenham’s market town character and many good things about living here;
They will put strain on our infrastructure and services, already under pressure and unlikely to receive necessary investment;
They will add to further congestion on our overloaded road and rail networks;
They will permanently destroy precious countryside, enjoyed by so many people who live here;
They will permanently remove valuable agricultural land, vital for our future and our children’s future;
They will harm wildlife and biodiversity in and around the town;
They will pave the way for further unwanted expansion – For example, on the south side of the river Avon, across from Monkton Park, speculative investors have already taken steps to secure large tracts of land in the hope of large future profit.

Needless to say this not a vision shared by Chippenham’s residents!

Storm clouds gather over Birds Marsh Wood, now
threatened by development on land adjoining
the wood itself (plus possible future by-pass)

Is this view about to become a fading memory?
The countryside along the beautiful River Avon corridor,
East of Monkton Park, soon to be concreted over,
if the ‘Core Strategy’ proposals are adopted.

An ‘urban extension’ would link Chippenham town
to the Parish of Lacock, with up to 1,500 houses
and a 28 hectare industrial park, all on greenfield land.